A Surprise of Blue

Something shocking has happened… It has snowed two days in one week in Memphis Tennessee.

When I say that this never happens, it never happens. I believe the last time I’ve seen this much snow, I must have been around ten years old. I felt no greater honor than to brave the cold once again with my camera to make use of the rare occasion.

So I made the trek out into the snow, all four inches of it (another rarity)! The wind hit my face with sharp stings as it blew across the snowy landscape. Even though it was beautiful, I was beginning to feel that going out in the harsh weather was a bad idea. Then I saw him. A Blue Herring huddled up in the snow.

I had always wanted to capture the Blue Herring, but I always seemed to miss my opportunity. Finally I had him in my site!

I stayed with him for quite a while when he decided I was bothering him and flew to the other side of the pond. I carefully crept over to him again and plopped myself into the snow a few feet from him. He didn’t mind me until I scooted myself a bit to close and he flew off again. It was obvious that he wanted nothing to do with me and I wasn’t about to be attacked by a bird my size that day, so I decided to let him be after that haha.

With both my batteries about to die and an SD card that was nearly full, I decided it was time to head home. The trek through the snow didn’t seem so bad anymore :).

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