Ancahuasi – A Hidden Gem of Peru

Hello world! I am here and I am ready to ramble!

Haha, I hope you all are well :D. If you read my last post “Good Eats – Cusco, Peru” you may have seen that I mentioned that I was staying in a little town called Ancahuasi and that I would soon be writing a post about it. Well here it is!

Ancahuasi means “House of the Eagle” in Quechua, and yes, that it as awesome as it sounds.

The first thing you should know is that this is NOT a tourist location. There are no fancy hotels and absolutely no restaurants (at least none that are safe for travelers). However, it does have one thing going for it. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

I’m not even exaggerating when I say that this place took my breath away from the minute I got there. Ok, so the high altitude may have had something to do with that… but my point remains! If you are looking for an awesome adventure spot that strays from the ordinary in Peru then this is it!

Where I stayed in Ancahuasi

I stayed at the Hospedaje Ancahuasi, which was just as fancy as it sounds! In clearer terms, it was not fancy at all. However, the owners of the hospedaje are making an effort to make it more comfortable to passing travelers. They are currently renovating the top floor to resemble more of a hotel and have considered creating a breakfast menu.

On one morning they even gave us a little taste of what this breakfast would include. Since there is no place to eat in Ancahuasi, this was a huge plus for me

The breakfast was spectacular! My favorite was the quesadillas ;).

What to see in Ancahuasi

You remember that mountain pic at the beginning of this post that you scrolled past? Start in that direction. Right at the base of the mountain are lesser known Inca Ruins that will lead you right to a waterfall!

The waterfall is surrounded by stone seats, which makes me think that this spot was used as a sort of court room or throne. Regardless it was such a cool spot that I definitely wasn’t expecting to find!

Don’t forget that every Sunday the town has a large open market where they sell fresh vegetables and handmade items. They also have food stands, but I wouldn’t recommend eating from any of them because it is not at all sanitary.

I’m sure that there are many other beautiful scenes in this captivating town. You’ll just have to wonder around to find them yourself :D.

Thanks for Visiting!

Thanks for sticking around! As a reward here are a few more pictures from my adventures in Ancahuasi.

The view of a rainbow from the rooftop of the Hospedaje Ancahuasi
A full rainbow over the town of Ancahuasi
The rooftop of a locals home

Let’s Chat

Have you ever had an amazing adventure in a place that no one has ever heard of? Let’s talk about it in the comments below ;).


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