Forcing my Family to travel the World

Journal Entry from April 14th, 2017

I am a genius.

I have successfully convinced my father, a man who hates to travel, to actually leave the country on purpose.

Each year for as long as I can remember we have taken two vacations, once in the spring to go relaxing in Florida and once in the fall to go fishing in Arkansas. There’s nothing wrong with that, and I love sitting on the beach doing nothing and reading by the river. However, it gets to a point where you need to mix it up every now in then.

When I presented my dad with this wish, his answer was, “Uh… no,” and then he promptly went back to napping to the Golf Channel.

So, I stepped up my game. That’s right. I’m talking about making a power point presentation. Thanks to my eighth grade presentation of the Black Plague, I was a master of power point.

I looked up different Islands and how they could appeal to each member of my family and then forced then each to sit through my research. Mom was in, without a doubt, and required no convincing. My brother didn’t bother to look up from his phone mumbling an ‘sure, I don’t care’. Dad grunted and finally responded, “So… they have a good fishing expedition? Ugh, fine.”

From that point on, we began planning our adventure. Tomorrow we will be heading off to Barbados!

What my family doesn’t realize however, is that this is just the beginning. Once they get bit by the travel bug, they won’t be able to stop! That’s the hope, at least.

Welcome to The Explorer’s Notebook!

Hello people of the Internet. If you are a returning reader, you’ve probably noticed that something is a little different about this blog… Like everything.

You are correct! This blog, formally known as Craving Exploration, has been renamed and rebranded. From this point on, I will posting real entries from my travel journal (edited of course) to share with all of you.

Don’t worry though, it won’t all be about me. I will still be posting tips and tricks from my more recent travels as well as revisiting some of my old post to add in some missed info.

Stick around for more!


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